Overview Company

SSDC formerly knows as Solvix Focus India Pvt. Ltd. SSDC is not a consultancy its a training & Skill Development Center.

‘The hardest work in the world is being out of work.’ The quote by Whitney M. Young goes well with the Indian scenario. In past many decades, we have seen everything turn around right from the governments, policies, leaders, to education, businesses and occupations. While everything has drastically changed, what is still alive is the mother of myriad ills – ‘Unemployment’. Besides the efforts of government and other private bodies, various job consultancies and recruitment agencies bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. While many do it for money, there are few who dream to see a nation where right talent gets the right opportunity and a right to earn a living. One such person is Lakshmi Cherukuru, who does not take this job just as an economic activity but as something she is highly zealous about. Living up to her dream, she started Solvix Focus India, one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies in 2009.

Based in Hyderabad, Solvix offers services in various sectors such as life sciences, FMCG, retail, telecom, infrastructure, consumer durables, media & entertainment, and others. Its services include executive search, recruitment, corporate training, HR outsourcing and campus recruitment. The company also offers services for various turnkey recruitment projects as per clients’ requirement. Keeping client satisfaction at the forefront, Solvix nurtures an efficient team of HR professionals who are committed to company’s vision and make sure that the requirements of the job seekers and the employers are well catered.

Unlike other recruitment firms, Solvix is aware of the talent gap in the market and provides candidates with required trainings to fill this gap. It also helps candidates brush up with their communication skills. These trainings are provided at a minimal cost or for free with intent to make them ready for the workplace. “Many recruitment firms try to employ candidates anyhow even when there is a complete mismatch between the talent set and the job requirement. They should rather train them in their fields of interest, improve what they lack, and help them get jobs where they best fit in. This is what we passionately strive to do at Solvix Focus India,” says Lakshmi Cherukuru, Managing Director, Solvix Focus India Pvt. Ltd.

Solvix endeavors not to compromise with the quality of candidates in any case. It boasts of a great network of job providers and actively uses social media platforms to attract and place candidates. Since inception, it has helped many candidates secure places in top companies like Tech Mahindra, HCL, GVK, among others, serving clients like Symantec, Ness Technologies, iGATE, CtrlS, SumTotal Systems, Wockhardt and many more. The five year old company has recently launched a new B2B & B2C travel portal in Middle-East & GCC region. ‘Travel with Solvix’ is the first home grown Online Travel Portal offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all travel needs. Keeping up with the pace, the bootstrapped company envisions working with professional ethics and transparency in each of its functional areas to reach top of the ladder in the coming days.

Creating best environment for students and job aspirants by providing them best methods, best study material and most experienced faculty.

To be the center of excellence for training, skill development and recruitment for unskill youth in all sectors.

  • Highly Qualified & experienced management and Faculty.
  • Rich Experience of analytical and Training Labs
  • Good relations with most of the pharma companies.
  • Guest faculties from varies MNC companies to teach Technical and soft skills.